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A tumblr dedicated to the amazing and talented Rebecca Wisocky. You can currently see Rebecca as Evelyn Powell in Devious Maids on Lifetime.

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RWD has recently reached and surpassed 200 followers!

I just want to say thank you so much to everyone who follows this blog! It is truly appreciated and it means so much.

Rebecca is such a wonderful actress and person, that’s why I started this tumblr for her. To support her. And it’s so nice that so many people have discovered, and are discovering her and her talent, and support her as well. 

And I know there are some people who don’t have a tumblr account, but still check into RWD. I want to say thank you to you too! 

It all really means a lot!

- Heather

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From Rebecca’s Twitter.

From Rebecca’s Twitter.

Episode Still from Devious Maids 2X02.
From Twitter @_DeviousMaids_

Episode Still from Devious Maids 2X02.

From Twitter @_DeviousMaids_

Rebecca Wisocky is a freaking BOSS. I love her. 

What did everyone think of the Devious Maids premiere? 

I would love to know what you all thought of the episode!

I thought it was hilarious! The Powells were great, as always. The whole episode was very funny, but also had it’s serious elements. 

Season 2 is definitely off to a great start!

From Rebecca’s Twitter.

From Rebecca’s Twitter.

"If you unfamiliar with her versatility and have not seen her on this series, I’ll describe her skills this way: If Meryl Streep had not been available to do the role she did in The Devil Wears Prada, it should’ve gone to Rebecca Wisocky."

Bobby Rivers on Rebecca. (View the article here)

Happy Devious Day! 

The day is finally here! Season two of Devious Maids premieres tonight at 10 pm Eastern Time.

There’s also currently a season one marathon on Lifetime right now! It will lead into the premiere.

I also want to wish a very Happy Easter to those who celebrate it!