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A tumblr dedicated to the amazing and talented Rebecca Wisocky. You can currently see Rebecca as Evelyn Powell in Devious Maids on Lifetime.

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"I’ve really enjoyed a lot because most of my scenes are with two fabulous actors Rebecca Wisocky who plays Evelyn and Tom Irwin who plays Adrian - they are both such smart actors. So getting to do any scene with them was really a pleasure because it’s like playing tennis. When you have someone across the other side of the court that is adept at putting spin on the ball it means that you have to kind of respond in kind so I really enjoyed working with them in general."

Dominic Adams (On his favorite scenes to film) (Via: femalefirst)


Evelyn Powell in Season 1

"My favorite moments, the scenes where Rebecca, who plays Evelyn and I get to interact."

Tom Irwin (On his favorite moments from season 2 of Devious Maids)

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I know someone asked you about Evelyn's fashion but I was wondering what do you think of Rebecca's fashion?

I think Rebecca has a great sense of style! I’ve seen pictures and videos of her at interviews, premieres, events, and photos on twitter and she always looks gorgeous! I always appreciate good fashion sense, and she definitely has it!